Monday, May 28, 2012

Notes for my Project

Places I need/want to visit:
1.      UNED (State University at a Distance—I think a better translation would be “Long-Distance Learning University of Costa Rica, but this is their own, direct translation). They’ve done some studies on sex work, and maybe they can help me with my project, advise me, or direct me to a project they’re already working on that I can help with.
2.      The National Institute of Women
3.      International Organization for Migration (OIM), Unit Against the Sale of People
4.      Alliance for Your Rights
5.      Council of Ministries for Women in Central America (COMMCA)
6.      (related to sex work) La Sala, an organization for sex workers’ rights organized by sex workers
7.      RedTraSex (Network for Sex Work)
8.      Other organizations that I don’t remember right now without my e-mail

If I have time:
The Ministry of Governing and the Police
Sistem of Central American Integration (SICA)
The offices of the newspapers The Nation, Tico Times, maybe El País (“The Country”)

Places for fun:
“The ruins” (no one knows what civilization these “ruins” belong to, but some people are going tomorrow when I’ll be at the Poas Volcano and the Peace Waterfalls)
The beach (one without a riptide, because “It grabs you and people completely disappear!” according to my mom, who doesn’t want me to swim while I’m here…)
Museums that I won’t visit with my program

I should buy a tourist’s book…

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