Saturday, May 26, 2012

Transcontinental Observations and Updates

I went to sleep at 9 P.M.; it was a huge improvement over the other night when I passed out at 7:30, haha. I slept after reading some poems from Sierra DeMulder in The Bones Below and some by Maria Jose Boyero in Caprichos de Ceniza, whose title I still have to figure out how to translate… Capricces of Ash. 

For breakfast I ate gallo pinto (rice with black beans) for the first time, with eggs, mangos, pineapple slices, and crackers with strawberry spread and lemonade. Every meal is so big, as corroborated by my fellow program-mates, but I’m lucky because I’m vegetarian (so I don’t have to eat a lot of meat) and I think my hostess (house mom) is used to serving only a few people, although there are a lot of people in her life. Most of the people in the household eat at different times: Sofi’s mom and dad are together for a few hours in the afternoon because he watches Sofi during the day when her mom’s in class, and he leaves before she gets back from her English-teaching classes at the university. My hostess’s other daughter works from 5 P.M. to 2 A.M. in the airport, and so she comes back after 2 A.M. (miraculously surviving the dangers of late-night San Jose). As for Jorge, the son who still lives in the house, he eats… probably at very late hours or maybe the few hours when I haven’t been home.


During our academic orientation today, I found Wi-Fi on the floor where are clases are going to be, and… I wasn’t saved, but it was a strong connection to the old country. I had lots of replies to my e-mails inquiring about working with organizations here. Now the problem is choosing whih organization to work with: there’s:
ProGAI (Program for the Integral Management of the Environment)
Red de Mujeres para el Desarrollo (Women's Development Network)
ProDUS (Program for Sustainable Urban Development)
and the general volunteer program at the university. 

All three of the official Programs are associated with the university, and RedMujeres is an outside organization. What I want to do most is work with an NGO or other organization for social justice, and work on conservation or the environment. So, I should probably just choose ProGAI and RedMujeres (I'm also leaning toward them because they gave me the most positive responses), but maybe I can do something small with the general volunteer program. I think ProDUS does more projects involving science, and they want to interview me (during my class at 8:30 A.M.)… I have so many options! The only problem remaining is that I won’t hang out with the other people in MLSA as much because I need to work in the afternoons (before it gets dark), and I have to arrange my schedule tightly do give the maximum time to each activity/work. I also need to figure out how I will interview sex workers (and other people) about sex work, the sale of humans, and possibly human trafficking.

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